Strategies & Projects 

Endorsed Strategy 

The City’s Local Planning Strategy sets out the long-term land use planning direction for the City. The Local Planning Strategy sets the vision which informs the development rules found in the Local Planning Scheme. The City’s Local Planning Strategy is available on the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage website. 

Precinct Planning Work  

SPP7.2 Precinct Design was gazetted and became operational on 19 February 2021. The Precinct Design policy guides the preparation and assessment of planning proposals for areas that require a high level of planning and design where they have been identified as areas for high growth. The City is currently preparing Local Planning Policies for Precincts in accordance with this document for the following areas: 

  • Broadway Precinct 
  • Hampden Hollywood Precinct 
  • Nedlands Stirling Highway Activity Corridor 
  • Waratah Village Precinct 

More information on current precinct design proposals can be found on the City’s Your Voice website.