The City works closely with our community to properly identify solutions to vehicle use in our streets that can adversely impact on the neighbourhood quality of life and safety towards residents and visitors.

Some of the key issues are:

  • Identify and target traffic and parking hot spots throughout the City;
  • Reduce the number and severity of accidents;
  • Improve safety and convenience for pedestrians, cyclists and other vulnerable road users; and
  • Improve public transport.

All traffic concerns can be forwarded to the City via the Contact form below link.

Contact the City of Nedlands


Due to the City of Nedlands' close proximity to the Perth CBD, there is a strong demand for parking within the district. To ensure there is fair access to parking for residents and visitors, the City provides free unrestricted and timed parking in the majority of streets within the council area. 

If you are parked in a time-restricted area and your time has expired, you can move your car and park on a different street. Please note: vehicles must leave the area for at least two hours before returning to the same street. It is also an offence to remove chalk marks made by a Ranger on your tyre.