Bin Services

Residential Waste Collections

The City's standard bin service ($328) includes:

  • 1 x weekly 240L bin for FOGO (Food Organics, Garden Organics only) (Lime Green Lid)
  • 1 x fortnightly 240L bin for recyclables (Yellow Lid)
  • 1 x fortnightly 120L bin for general waste (Red Lid)

Different bin services are available at an additional cost. 

Upgraded bin service ($695)

  • 240L bin for general waste (Red Lid)
  • 240L bin for recyclables (Yellow Lid)
  • 240L bin for FOGO (Food Organics, Garden Organics only) (Lime Green Lid)

Super bin service ($1,563)

  • 2 x 240L bin for general waste (Red Lid)
  • 240L bin for recyclables (Yellow Lid)
  • 240L bin for FOGO (Food Organics, Garden Organics only) (Lime Green Lid)

Residents can also obtain a second recycling bin free of charge and a third recycling bin for $85 per financial year. Additional FOGO bins are available for $150 per financial year. You can view the full range of Fees and Charges (page 26)

If you are a property owner or managing agent, you can request a change to you bin service to the City in writing or by using the City's request form.

Request a new/upgrade/downgrade bin

For more information on what goes in each bin visit here.

Commercial Waste Collections

The City offers the following commercial bin packages. The fees below are for the 2023-24 financial year. This fee is based on per service.

  1. Commercial Waste Bin Service (240L rubbish bin at $390).
  2. Commercial Recycling bin only (240L recycling bin at $82)
  3. Commercial 1100L Waste Bin (includes 1100L recycling bin at $3,189)

Please note that a recycling bin is offered to commercial properties that utilise the City’s services free of charge. The number of recycling bins cannot exceed the number of rubbish services.

For new commercial bin services and changes to the current bin service, please contact the City.

Christmas and New Year Holiday Collection Dates

Kerbside waste collection for the Christmas and New Years period has been adjusted to take into account the public holidays. This year, your bins will be collected one day later than usual. Please see all dates below:

Christmas 2023 Collections

Mon 25/12/123

Tue 26/12/23

Wed 27/12/23

Thu 28/12/23

Fri 29/12/23

Collected Tue 26/12/23

Collected Wed 27/12/23

Collected Thu 28/12/23

Collected Fri 29/12/23

Collected Sat 30/12/23


New Years 2024 Collections

Mon 1/01/24

Tue 2/01/24

Wed 3/01/24

Thu 4/01/24

Fri 5/01/24

Collected Tue 2/01/24

Collected Wed 3/01/24

Collected Thu 4/01/24

Collected Fri 5/01/24

Collected Sat 6/01/24

Check your bin collection day

To find out your bin collection day please click on the check your bin day button below and type your address into the search panel. 

Check your bin day

The City currently provides a weekly FOGO waste collection with recycling and general waste services operating on alternate fortnights.

Public Holidays: All bins are collected on public holidays except for Christmas Day, New Years Day and Good Friday. Please refer to the Residential Waste Services Guide for alternative dates.

Download 2023-24 Waste Calendar

Damaged and Missing Bins

All bins must be on the verge for repairs. Please allow 5 working days for repairs to be carried out.

Please complete the below request form or contact the Customer Service Centre on 1300 633 633.

Report a damaged bin

Please note that all bins must be on the verge for repairs/replacement. Please allow 5 working days for your request to be completed.

How to put your bin out for collection

Your recycling and general waste bins are collected alternatively each fortnight, on the same day as your rubbish bin collection.

Place your bins on the verge before 6 am on the day of your collection. Bins must be:

  • Within 1m of the kerb (or as close as possible without obstructing the footpath)
  • 1m away from obstacles (including street trees, parked cars, signs, lamp posts and parked cars)
  • Half a metre apart
  • At a weight less than 35kg for 120L rubbish bins
  • For 240L rubbish bins, the weight should be less than 70kg.

Bins are only permitted on the verge 24 hours before and after collection.

Bins are to be stored so as not to be visible from the street or public place except for bin collection day.
Please ensure rubbish bins are not overfilled and the lids are closed.

Make a general waste enquiry

If you have any question about the City's waste services, please use the enquiry form below.

Make a general waste enquiry