Public Address Registration Form

The City of Nedlands Standing Orders Local Law 2014 allows members of the public to address Council Meeting Agenda Forums, Council Meetings or Committee meetings. To make an address, please complete the Online Public Address Registration Form and submit by 12noon the day prior to the commencement of the meeting. 

For further assistance please contact the Executive Officer (08) 9273 3500.

The Presiding Member will call for members of the public to address the Council in accordance with the Standing Orders Local Law 2013, section 3.4. The Presiding Member will determine the order of speakers to address the Council and the number of speakers is to be limited to two in support and two against any particular item on the agenda or any other matter within Council’s jurisdiction. 

If there are a number of speakers in support or against a recommendation, the Presiding Member will ask for two representatives to speak on behalf of those with the same viewpoint. 

Each person is restricted to one address of up to three minutes unless the Council, by decision, determines that they may speak for no more than a further two minutes.

The Presiding Member may suspend or adjourn the public address session at any time and any person addressing the Council will resume their seat when called upon to do so by the presiding member. The Presiding Member shall suspend the public address session if the person making the address resorts to personal denigration of any person or persons.

The Presiding Member may comment on the address given or call upon a Councillor or Officer to comment. They may decline and if the subject matter of the address has not been considered by the Council, no substantive comment shall be offered. Any comments shall not exceed three minutes.

Debate is not permitted.

Respect to the Council and Staff is to be shown at all times.

Any breach of the City of Nedlands Standing Orders Local Law 2014 may result in the person being prohibited from addressing the meeting at which the breach occurs.

Ordinary Meeting of Council:

At an Ordinary Meeting of Council, an address may relate to any subject that is within the Council’s jurisdiction but should be restricted to matters of general community concern. In this regard, the Presiding Member may rule the subject matter does not meet these criteria and that the public address may not be heard. The public address session is held at Item 2 on the Agenda: addresses by members of the public.

Council Meeting Agenda Forum:

At a Council Meeting Agenda Forum, an address must relate only to items on the Council agenda. The Presiding Member will announce each person addressing the meeting and the subject of their address. At the conclusion of the address, the Council members may ask questions of the addressee relating to the proposal or application. 

 Public address registration form