Due to the City of Nedlands' close proximity to the Perth CBD, there is a strong demand for parking within the district. To ensure there is fair access to parking for residents and visitors, the City provides both free unrestricted and time-restricted parking. 

If you are parked in a time-restricted area and your time has expired, you can move your car and park on a different street. Please note: vehicles must leave the area for at least two hours before returning to the same street. It is also an offence to remove chalk marks made by a Ranger on your tyre. 

The City of Nedlands has adopted the Parking and Parking Facilities Local Law 2017 to control parking within Nedlands. In addition to managing parking spaces, consideration is also given to the safety and amenity of the area. See the documents section below for Frequently Asked Questions and Parking Maps for areas within the City of Nedlands. 

Parking Restriction Maps 

Please click on the following links to view or download parking restriction maps of the City’s most frequented areas: 

Please note, parking restrictions are subject to change. Drivers should always check street signage when parking. The city takes no responsibility for losses incurred due to the accuracy of the map.  

Footpath Parking

Parked vehicles may not block any portion of a footpath, including the crossover, because pedestrians may be forced onto the road. This creates a safety hazard for pedestrians – in particular, those with prams, people with disability and children. 

Parking on the nature strip (verge) 

Parking on nature strips (verges), unless authorised, is prohibited unless you are the owner/occupier of the premises adjacent to the verge or they have given you authorisation to park there. The local laws provide further information and clarity around all local parking laws, available below under ‘Related Links’. 

No parking 

A driver may not stop on a length of carriageway or an area where a ‘no parking’ restriction applies unless: 

  • They are dropping off or collecting passengers or goods 
  • The vehicle is not left unattended 
  • The dropping off or collection of goods or passengers is completed within two minutes. 

No stopping areas 

No stopping areas are indicated by either a continuous yellow line or no stopping signage. The driver of a vehicle may not stop on a carriageway where no stopping restrictions apply. This includes dropping off passengers or goods. 

Obstructing access to a driveway/right-of-way 

A vehicle may not be stopped so that any portion of it is front of a path, driveway crossover or right-of-way in a position that obstructs access by vehicles or pedestrians to or from that path. 

Facing the wrong direction on the road and within bays 

Parking against traffic flow is illegal in Western Australia and can be hazardous when exiting from a parking place. Your vehicle must be parked facing the same direction as the flow of traffic at all times. 

Parking infringement notices 

Paying your parking infringement notice: 

If you have received a parking infringement, you may choose to:  

View your infringement

You can use the City of Nedlands parking infringement portal to view details of your infringement notice, and any photos of your vehicle at the time of the infringement.

This information may assist you to determine an action to take to resolve your infringement notice, which are detailed in the below drop down items.

Open the Parking Infringement Portal

Pay for the infringement 

Infringements must be paid to the City of Nedlands within 28 days of the infringement being issued. Failure to do so may result in further costs. Payment can be made by one of the following methods: 

Payment by phone (Visa or Mastercard)  

Please call 1300 276 468 to make a payment from your nominated account, quoting the infringement number. 

Payment by mail 

Make cheques payable to City of Nedlands, crossed 'not negotiable' and send the infringement and payment to:  

City of Nedlands, PO Box 9, Nedlands WA 6909. 

Payment in person  

Present the infringement notice intact to the cashier at the City's Administration Centre. Payments can be made by EFTPOS, cash, cheque or credit card (Visa or Mastercard). 

Online payments  

Payments can be made online via our secure online system BPOINT (credit cards accepted are Visa or Mastercard)   

Make an online payment

Appeal the infringement

Appeals for the withdrawal of a parking infringement notice must be lodged within 28 days of the infringement notice being issued. The appeal must be in writing with supporting evidence to assist your claim. The 'Appeal a Parking Infringement' form  is available below.  

You can lodge a written request by: 

  • emailing via this form
  • handing it into the Administration Building at 71 Stirling Highway, Nedlands. 
  • posting to City of Nedlands, PO Box 9, Nedlands WA 6909. 

Appeals will not be accepted by phone 

Details of the infringement that need to be included in your appeal are: 

  • infringement number 
  • date of notice  
  • vehicle registration number  
  • return address and phone number  
  • photocopies of all relevant supporting documentation 
  • detailed reasons on why you believe an appeal should be granted. 

Once an appeal is received by City, the infringement notice will be placed on hold until the appeal has been assessed and a determination has been made. You will be notified of the result of your appeal in writing within 10 working days.  

Nominate another driver of the vehicle

If you are not the driver of the vehicle please complete the driver nomination form. A driver nomination form is also included on the final demand letter you will receive if you fail to pay the parking infringement within 28 days.  

Do nothing


If the City of Nedlands does not receive a payment within the 28 days, a final demand letter – with an additional $25.30 fee  will be sent to you, advising you have a further 28 days to pay. 

If payment is not received after 28 days of the final demand letter, the infringement will be registered with Fines Enforcement Registry and your driver's licence, or any vehicle licence you hold, may be suspended and additional fees apply.  

If the matter is registered with Fines Enforcement Registry, additional costs will also be payable. 

IMPORTANT: If you do not pay the modified penalty within 28 days after the date of notice, you may be prosecuted or enforcement action may be taken under the Fines, Penalties and Infringement Notices Enforcement Act 1994. 
Under the Act, some or all of the following actions may be taken: 

  • Your driver's licence may be suspended; 
  • Your vehicle licence may be suspended or cancelled; 
  • You may be disqualified from holding or obtaining a driver's licence or vehicle licence; 
  • Your vehicle may be immoblised or have it's number plates removed; 
  • Your details may be published on a website; 
  • Your earnings or bank accounts may be garnished; 
  • Your property may be seized and sold; 

Elect to have the matter determined in Court 

If you would like the infringement determined by the Magistrates Court, please provide the City of Nedlands with a written request outlining your contact details, details of the parking infringement and the reasons for the election to court.  

      Frequently Asked Questions - Parking Infringement Notices

      Residential and visitor parking permits 

      The City of Nedlands issues parking permits to residents and their visitors under certain circumstances. Permits are usually issued to residents in high-demand parking areas who do not have on-site parking or do not have sufficient on-site parking. The number of parking permits are subject to meeting the eligibility criteria.  

      The City most commonly approves parking permits to residents in areas identified as high-demand parking locations. The establishment of parking permits serves to reinforce a shift to more sustainable modes of transport and minimises congestion within residential streets caused by motorists who may be utilising nearby commercial or public transport hubs. 

      Using your permit 

      Residents eligible for a parking permit(s) may park contrary to the signposted parking time restrictions of one hour or greater within the streets identified by their permit(s). 

      Subject to the above, the display of a valid parking permit in a vehicle does not revoke the requirement to comply with all other parking legislation, prohibitions and signage restrictions. Permits do not enable motorists to park illegally – for example, they may not disobey ‘no parking’ or ‘no stopping’ signs, nor may they park over footpaths or on other residents' verges without consent. Parking Infringement notices may be issued.  

      Applying for a permit 

      If you reside in a street with parking restrictions and wish to apply for a permit, please read the Parking Permit information Guide that outlines the conditions of issue and use. Download theResidential and Visitor Parking Permit Application Formand send the completed form, along with all relevant documentation, to City of Nedlands, PO Box 9, Nedlands WA 6909, submit it online via this form, or hand-deliver it to the Administration Centre at 71 Stirling Highway, Nedlands.   

      If you have any other enquiries, please contact Ranger Services on 9273 3500.

      Abandoned vehicles 

      Vehicles left in a thoroughfare for more than 24 hours may be considered abandoned and become subject to impoundment.  

      If you believe a vehicle is abandoned, please contact Ranger Services on 9273 3500. Please note that vehicles located on Stirling Highway and West Coast Highway are dealt with by Main Roads WA (138 138). 

      Vehicles are impounded at Pickles, Cnr Pheonix Road & Sudlow Road, Bibra Lake. All payments must be made before the vehicle can be released. Additional towing fees may apply for vehicles to be towed from Pickles. Payment can be made at Pickles, open 8.00am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. Payments can be made by cash, cheque or EFTPOS

      ACROD permits 

      A vehicle displaying a valid ACROD permit may park for double the time limit indicated on the sign when parking in a time-restricted parking bay. The vehicle must then vacate the parking bay when this time expires. ACROD permits can be obtained through the ACROD Parking Program. 

      The City will soon be supplying an ACROD bay parking map, which may assist people finding accessible parking bays in advance when visiting an area.  

      ACROD Parking Program 

      The State Government is covering the cost of two-year ACROD parking permits. ACROD parking permits are available for people unable to walk or whose ability to walk is severely restricted, either temporarily or permanently. Having an ACROD parking permit allows you to park in blue, marked accessible parking bays and in regular parking bays throughout the City for twice the time limit indicated. For example, in a one-hour parking area, people with an ACROD parking permit are allowed to park for a maximum of two hours. 

      To apply for an ACROD parking permit, compete the form below and submit it to the ACROD Parking Program, PO Box 1428, Osborne Park DC WA 6916. For more information about ACROD parking, please call 9242 5544, email or visit the ACROD Parking Program website. 

      Accessible parking bays 

      The City of Nedlands provides a number of on-street parking bays for people with disability who have accessibility requirements.Please see below for a map illustrating the locations of accessible parking bays. While the City of Nedlands makes every effort to provide accessible parking, it is not possible to meet every circumstance. If you have any concerns, please contact Ranger Services on 9273 3500.