Keeping of Animals

Poultry, Pigeons or miscellaneous Birds

Poultry is defined as any domestic fowl or chickens, bantams, ducks, guinea fowl and pheasants. The City’s Health Local Law 2017 allows up to 12 poultry to be kept in a residential area and sets out specific rules around the keeping of poultry.  It is important to note that a rooster, turkey, goose or gander, peacock or peahen may not be kept in a residential area without written approval from the City.

Please visit the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development website for detailed information about keeping backyard chickens. 


Under theCity’s Health Local Law 2017, approval is required from the City for the keeping of bees within the district. Approval is subject to compliance with conditions in the Local Law and the support of surrounding residents. 

Please refer to the City’s Bee Keeping Policy 2019 when preparing your application, and ensure essential considerations outlined within the policy are addressed. 

The following steps are involved to apply for approval to keep bees:  

Step 1:

Complete Application to Keep Bees Form

Step 2: Submit the completed step 1 form by attaching it to the below enquiry form

Enquiry form

Step 3: The City distributes survey forms to surrounding residences providing a response timeframe of two weeks from the date of the letter. 

Step 4: The City issues the applicant with a letter of approval or refusal provided the beehive is registered with the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development. Please visit their website for detailed information about becoming a beekeeper in Western Australia.  

The approval for the keeping of bees can be revoked at any time by the Chief Executive Officer, should there be a demonstrated public health nuisance. In the event that approval is revoked, the applicant has 21 days to remove all bees and hives from the property.