Integrated Transport Strategy

The Nedlands 2018-2028 Strategic Community Plan (SCP) clearly articulates the community's vision and aspirations for the future of the City. It demonstrates the City's bold vision to perform a critical economic, social and cultural role within the Perth Metropolitan Area. To support the rapid future growth, the City intends to develop an Integrated Transport Strategy (ITS) to address the transport challenges by developing a clear framework for the future planning and upgrade of the City’s transport system. The ITS will guide future works as the City seeks to make it safe, easy, environmentally friendly and enjoyable to get around Nedlands. 

The project will be delivered by Arup consultants and will be delivered in five stages:

Stage 1: Where are we now?

This stage includes project preliminary’s, setting baseline conditions, data collections and analysis and a SWOT analysis of the existing transport networks within the City of Nedlands.

Stage 2: Where do we want to be?

This stage includes the development of a stakeholder and community engagement plan, undertaking stakeholder workshops and community consultation, and developing a draft Integrated Transport Strategy. 

Stage 3: How do we get there?

This stage will identify and validate actions coming from the ITS, develop an action plan to ensure they are implemented and will conclude with the ITS report being presented to Council.

Stage 4: Have we got it right?

A peer review will be undertaken to ensure the ITS is a technically correct and realistic document which can guide transport decisions over the next 10-20 years. 

Stage 5: Impacts?

In this stage the impacts of the ITS will be explored, with Traffic Impact Assessments being conducted on:

  1. Stirling Highway precinct
  2. Broadway Precinct
  3. Hollywood/Hampton Precinct
  4. Waratah Av Precinct

Further information, including details for community consultation, will be provided throughout the project. 

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