Connected Seniors

Are you a ‘Connected Senior’? Would you like to be? 

In the City of Nedlands, connected seniors are people over 55 years of age and living in our community, who want to be connected, informed and involved. We provide opportunities for seniors to learn more about topics of interest, including health initiatives, educational opportunities, information sessions, and support to access services. 

Join the City’s Facebook Group for Seniors! 

Join our Facebook Group for local residents over 55 years of age, living in the City of Nedlands. 

Discover information and activities tailored for seniors and start socialising with others in your neighbourhood. 

Explore opportunities to chat online or join a club and meet others face-to-face, learn new things and meet new people, find a service to help you live longer in your home or  discover information on things you didn't know you needed.

Click here to view the Facebook group and click ‘join’ to keep up to date with what's happening in your neighbourhood. 

The current calendar of activities and events will help you plan ahead – so be sure to check regularly to book your spot. 

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To get in touch or make an enquiry, either call 9386 6170 or make an enquiry via the form below. 

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