Objects and Reasons for Imposing Differential Rates for 2024/25

Published on Friday, 28 June 2024 at 11:30:01 AM

The following Objects and Reasons are provided in accordance with Section 6.36 of the Local Government Act 1995 and the Council’s “Notice of Intention to Levy Differential Rates” for the 2024/25 Financial Year on various categories of properties within the City.  

The differential rates are to be levied in accordance with Sections 6.33 of the Local Government Act 1995. This document outlines the objects and reasons for implementing differential general rates. 


Overall rating objective  

The overall objective of the proposed rates in the 2024/25 Budget is to provide for the net funding requirement of the City of Nedlands’ various programs, services, and facilities. 

Pursuant to Section 6.36 (1) of the Act, the City has given local public notice of its intention to apply differential general rates and minimum payments in respect of each differential rating category.   


Differential General Rating 

The purpose of imposing a GRV differential rating for residential, residential vacant land and non-residential is to obtain a fair and equitable form of revenue raising from all categories of properties in the City.  

Under the Local Government Act, Section 6.33 Differential general rates, a local government may impose differential general rates according to any, or a combination, of the following characteristics —   

  1. the purpose for which the land is zoned, whether or not under a local planning scheme or improvement scheme in force under the Planning and Development Act 2005; or  
  2. a purpose for which the land is held or used as determined by the local government; or  
  3. whether or not the land is vacant land; or 
  4. any other characteristic or combination of characteristics prescribed 


The differential rates categories for Residential, Residential Vacant and Non-Residential for 2024/25 are proposed as:   

Differential Rate  

Minimum Rate  


Rate in the Dollar ($) Proposed  







Residential Vacant  




Following are the objects and reasons for each of the differential rates: -  

1. Residential Differential Rate  

The rate in the dollar and minimum rate have been set on the basis that ratepayers make a reasonable contribution to the cost of local government and facilities. 

2. Residential Vacant Differential Rate  

The rate in the dollar and minimum rate have been set in an effort to promote development of properties thereby stimulating growth and development in the Community. 

3. Non-Residential Differential Rate  

The rate in the dollar and minimum rate have been set to provide for a reasonable contribution towards infrastructure and the cost of local government. 


Electors and ratepayers of the City of Nedlands are invited to submit their comments on the above rates in writing by 26 July 2024. Submissions should be addressed to the Chief Executive Officer, City of Nedlands, PO Box 9, Nedlands WA 6909 or council@nedlands.wa.gov.au, with “Differential Rates” in the subject line. 

Keri Shannon 

Chief Executive Officer