Foreshore Management Master Plan

The City of Nedlands is partnering with the DBCA to progress an integrated foreshore management plan and has recognised the need for a strategic plan to guide future activities and development along the length of its Swan River foreshore. This project has commenced and the City has engaged the services of a skilled and experienced Principal Consultant to lead a team to undertake the development of a Foreshore Management Plan covering the full length of the Nedlands Foreshore.   

The key driver and vision for the City of Nedlands foreshore is to provide Nedlands and the wider region with an accessible river frontage where people can enjoy the estuary, wildlife, its history, and the range of activities the foreshore provides. It is important that any Foreshore Management Plans are embedded in the physical environment of the Nedlands foreshore - acknowledging and working with the unique physical location place and its history. The values associated with the foreshore include integrated, sustainable, heritage, ecology, fluvial, beaches and dolphin friendly. At a strategic level, the Nedlands Foreshore vision encompasses the shared vision of the City of Nedlands and the DBCA’s overall Land Use Plan for the Swan Canning River System.