Bee KC Tan treads gently into her solo exhibition

Published on Wednesday, 2 March 2022 at 10:55:00 AM

As a child, Bee longed to be an artist, but it was not until she retired from her career as a medical doctor that she was able to really follow her dream.

Now, as an accomplished studio artist at Tresillian Arts Centre in Nedlands, Bee is able to hone her skills surrounded by others who share her passion while also passing on her knowledge to others.

“Being an artist and tutor gives me the space and support I need to refine my artistic voice and for that, I am truly grateful,” Bee said.

As a regular exhibitor Bee has built a loyal following of art lovers who appreciate her gentle use of watercolours, particularly when the subject matter is nature or iconic locations and buildings.

“I am inspired by nature and the human spirit, and I find beauty in both,” Bee said.   

“I believe art heals and can be an instrument for change.

Bee’s solo exhibition, which opened this week and runs until 1 April, consists of paintings, sculptures, and digital and kenetic mobile installations that explore a variety of surfaces such as wood, canvas and rice paper.

‘Dream boxes’ are a series of small spontaneous artworks, while ‘Love in the time of Contagion’ attempts to explore some of the relationships that have kept us going through these trying times.

Bee’s mobile installation features endangered wildlife and ‘Sixty seconds to midnight’ is a poignant reminder of the urgency to preserve what still remains for our future generations.

Tresillian Arts Centre, 21 Tyrell Street, Nedlands.  Gallery hours 9 – 4, Monday to Friday.

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