Nedlands now quarantine area for Polyphagous -shot-hole borer

Published on Friday, 19 November 2021 at 1:05:00 PM

Nedlands now quarantine area for Polyphagous -shot-hole borer

The City of Nedlands has been identified within the Quarantine Area (QA) for the exotic pest beetle, Polyphagous-shot-hole borer (PSHB). 

As the City has been able to secure an approved process for kerbside green waste collection and verge pick-ups for now, these services will continue as usual, however the following restrictions are in place for individuals wishing to dispose of wood and green waste.  Further updates will be published as they become available.

Measures are being implemented by the Department of Primary Industries and Resource Development (DPIRD)  to restrict all movement of wood and green waste from the City Area for a minimum of six months, as these materials act as hosts for the borer, potentially allowing it to spread, and cause Fusarium dieback and significant tree deaths.

To assist you in complying with these restrictions, please note the following descriptions:

  • Wood means wood that is not treated and in use for construction, fencing and furniture. It includes green waste material including cut branches or prunings, bark, firewood, plant mulch or wood chips.
  • Wood more than 2.5cm in diameter must be chipped to pieces that are less than 2.5cm in diameter before leaving the quarantine area (QA).
  • Living plants with woody stems greater than 2cm must not leave the QA. Living plants means any plant, organ or plant part (including plant cutting) with woody stems that are greater than 2cm in diameter.
  • Movement within the QA is permitted unrestricted.
  • A permit is required if these conditions are unable to be met.
  • Any gardening machinery or equipment used for tree lopping, gardening, mulching, wood chipping or handling green waste must have all wood material removed before moving outside of the quarantine area.

The borer does not affect grass, therefore lawn clippings can be disposed of as normal.

Residents are requested to adhere to these restrictions and follow the instructions as set by Department of Primary Industries and Resource Development (DPIRD).

Further information on the Polyphagous-shot-hole borer, including reporting and management of the pest, can be found at .



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