Underground Power Project Update | City of Nedlands Seeks Input on Revised Costings

Published on Wednesday, 6 March 2024 at 1:15:30 PM

The City of Nedlands is approaching an important milestone in the Underground Power Project, having received the final costings from Western Power for Nedlands North and Nedlands West*. While the project promises significant benefits for property owners and the broader community, including improved safety and aesthetics, it also entails considerable financial considerations.

According to the latest figures from Western Power, the total investment required from the City is approximately $25.2 million. Under the City's Underground Power Policy, the City will fund 50% of this amount, with affected property owners in the respective areas responsible for the remaining 50%.

To provide residents with a comprehensive understanding of the project's scope, detailed maps of the affected areas are available on the City's website. Additionally, property owners within Nedlands North and West are invited to participate in a survey this month, facilitated by Data Analysis Australia, an independent survey company, to provide feedback on the revised costings.

The decision to conduct a second round of consultation with affected property owners stems from the Council's commitment to transparency and ensuring that property owners have the most accurate information available. The consultation is scheduled to take place throughout March and April 2024.

Property owners in the affected areas are encouraged to participate in the survey to provide their input on the updated costings. The Council recognises the importance of community engagement in shaping the future of the project and values the feedback of residents.

Costs outlined in the survey pack range from $5,450 to $11,150 per property owner, depending on the area and property type. Potential discounts may be available for concession holders, and flexible payment options, including instalment plans over four years, aim to alleviate the financial burden on residents.

The original estimates provided by Western Power were based on preliminary data and made at a 30% cost estimate rate. With the completion of their procurement process, updated costings have been provided at a 10% cost estimate rate, ensuring a more accurate reflection of the project's requirements.

The City encourages property owners to access further information on our website, including the Underground Power Business Case, together with Western Power’s website, to make an informed decision regarding the project.

As the City of Nedlands progresses with its underground power initiative, community input remains crucial in shaping the future of the project. Property Owners are urged to participate in the survey and contribute to the ongoing discussions surrounding this project.

* Please note: Western Power will commence their tender process for Hollywood East in 2026.

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