Mutualities | Penelope Forlano with Jessica Priemus & SA Hayes

Artist's Statement
Here marks the boundary of the former Shenton Park Rehabilitation Hospital - a place patients and staff felt was like entering a new world. Their anticipated life paths were marked by unexpected diseases or accidents, which drastically shaped their future lives. The path forward was a shaky one, but was aided through rehabilitation, resilience, relationships and scientific research. Over time, bonds were created, and lives were interwoven. This work celebrates their lives and stories of a shared struggle against time and stillness.
Artwork Description
A series of painted and shaped aluminum angles with text detailing, which has been fixed onto a galvanised steel base and to an underground concrete footing. The series is painted in nine colours. Programmed light work is fixed to the east side of the footpath providing illumination from dusk till dawn.
Acquisition Details
This sculpture series was completed in 2019 and was acquired by the City of Nedlands in a handover from Development WA in 2022.


Montario Quarter– Selby Street and Nash St intersections, Shenton Park View map