Safe Guard | Denise Pepper and Matt McVeigh

Safe Guard

Artist's Statement

A singular figure is surrounded by a cloak presenting the vital necessity of personal protection for the healthcare worker. The cloak displays the identifiable symbol of the medical cross. The second work is a cluster of four figures differing in size and colour, which represent different demographics, from children to the elderly, who have been affected by the pandemic. The pandemic affected us all in some way. The tireless and dedicated work of the healthcare worker has never been so heartbreakingly important. We say thank you, and within our community, notwithstanding physical distance, we can come together to get this pandemic under control.

Artwork Description

The sculpture consists of two works separated by the recognisable safe physical distance which is our new way of socially living with each other. There are five discernable human figures without any identifiable features within the two separate works, both displayed on 1.5m mirror finish corten steel plinths.

Acquisition Details

This artwork was commissioned by the City of Nedlands in 2023.


Dot Bennett Park, Aberdare Road, Nedlands View map