Snapshots from Lupin Hill | Judith Forrest

Artist's Statement

The March of Time

Here the new Hollywood community is presented with its first carnival procession, and past uses for this site are presented by the costumed figures. In the manner of communities all over the world, a disparate group of a animals and costumed individuals has gathered in a procession. This procession is led by Houseman, representing the new estate, followed by a Hollywood High School drummer boy, hospital nurse and patients from the repatriation Hospital. These are followed by a pantomime cow, representing the rural use of the lands and bringing up the end of the procession is a tup doll; a poignant figure cast from objects retrieved from the past life of this site as a council tip.

The Portrait

Who does not have a school photo? This sculpture preserves in bronze the moment when a school photo is taken. The individuality of Hollywood High School students and the diversity of their achievement are represented by this Year 8 group. It is impossible to select a representative achiever from such a diverse honours list. Hollywood High School graduates include members of INXA, Greta Sachi and Kim Beasley. Within this group of award winners, we can all find a familiar face from our own school days. Children and their parents can also enjoy peering through the nearby camera to catch the photographer’s perspective.

The Rehearsal

Hollywood High School was particularly noted for its vibrant arts program and here we see a small group of students rehearing for the school’s production of The Wizard of Oz. The stage sculpture has been set beside the BBQ and the curtains are opened wide enough to allow local thespians to participate with their Barbie dolls.


This sculpture brings us back to the present and the development of a new residential community. The site workers pass materials up the side of the plinth, as new buildings are constructed. On top of the plinth we see inside the house where decisions are being made about the interior decoration.

Another brick in the wall

An amphitheatre created using the reclaimed and recycled bricks from the demolished Hollywood High School, which stood nearby from 1958 - 2000.

Artwork Description

The artist has used bronze; the traditional medium for more traditional and historic statues. Instead, this classic medium has been used in this work to depict events, which a part of our quotidian daily experiences. The works have been designed in a scale intended to sit comfortably within the landscape and such that they can be discovered by rather than imposed upon the residents of Nedlands.

The four sculptures are located at:
'March of Time' - Lupin Hill Grove
'Housework' - Loneragan Street
'Portrait' - Quadrangle Place
'Rehearsal' - Park Cr. Quandrangle Place and Smyth Road

Acquisition Details

These four sculptures were presented to the City of Nedlands by LandCorp and Mirvac Fini (WA) Pty Ltd and supported by the Nedlands Cultural and Community Society, February 2006.


Dot Bennett Park, Cnr Smyth & Aberdare Road, Nedlands View map