City of Nedlands Statement: UWA-QEII Improvement Plan

Published on Monday, 27 May 2024 at 11:59:49 AM

27 May 2024

City of Nedlands Statement: UWA-QEII Improvement Plan

While the City of Nedlands is broadly supportive of a single overarching state agency being responsible for planning improvements for the UWA-QEIll specialised activity centre area, particularly as they relate to infrastructure and transportation, we are not supportive of the Improvement Plan as it relates to the City, and we believe the plan lacks adequate information in its current form.

The City is concerned that the Improvement Plan will remove local planning controls for little benefit while placing a greater burden on the WAPC to approve small scale development.

The City requests that the WAPC ensures that there is meaningful engagement throughout the improvement scheme process, with both the City and our community.

Mayor Argyle states “Our Council will continue to advocate for the City and our community to be involved in the improvement scheme process – it’s important that we have a say in what happens in our own neighbourhoods”.

The City suggests that the process of fostering greater collaboration between the City, the Nedlands community and the WAPC will ultimately lead to a more inclusive and effective planning outcome, which will ultimately benefit both the community and the state government.

Furthermore, the City is concerned that the improvement plan will alter the planning framework without delivering an appropriate transport solution. Modifying and updating the transportation network for the area should be a key government priority.

Mayor Argyle states “Delivering appropriate transport solutions, especially accessible public transportation, is crucial for connecting our community and maintaining the liveability of our suburbs”.