Noel Youngman

Ward: Dalkeith Ward   Term: Term ends 18 October 2025

Colin Street, Dalkeith WA 6009


Elected to the City of Nedlands Council in October 2021.

Councillor Noel Youngman is dedicated to ensuring the City remains sustainable and accessible for all members of the community. Councillor Youngman championed the commencement of the City’s Recognition Action Plan to acknowledge First Nations People.

He was also integral in highlighting immediate action to repair the river walls at Charles Court and Paul Hasluck Reserves. Councillor Youngman is focused on strategies that help constituents navigate the State Governments Local Planning Scheme (LPS3) and protecting the landscape from overviewing and traffic congestion.  

Professionally, Councillor Youngman is a Geologist and holds a Bachelor of Applied Science majoring in Geology from Curtin University.

Swimming, surfing, snowboarding and recreational cycling are just some of the hobbies he enjoys. Most mornings you’ll find him walking his dogs, and on weekends exploring the café scene in the City with his wife Fiona.

The couple are very proud of their gardens which he says are all thanks to Fiona’s vision, Councillor Youngman contributes with free labour and lawn mowing services.

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