Underground Power Project Update

Published on Wednesday, 26 July 2023 at 2:47:00 PM

It’s a green light for the next stage of the City’s Underground Power Project  

City of Nedlands Council have voted unanimously to enter into an agreement with Western Power to progress the City of Nedlands underground power project to procurement stage for all three project areas – Nedlands West, Nedlands North, and Hollywood East.  

The City appointed Data Analysis Australia Pty Ltd (DAA) to undertake community engagement. This involved direct mail to ratepayers in the project areas and a survey to a random selection of 1,000 ratepayers in the remaining areas of the City.  

The survey results in the project areas were supportive of the initiative.  

Hollywood East 78% 

Nedlands North 81% 

Nedlands West 69% 

Recent estimates suggest that the total project will cost $28.7 million, with the City required to contribute $19.03m.  

Although the City would pay this amount in advance, under the City’s Underground Power Policy, 50 per cent of the City’s contribution is recoverable from residences being connected to the program. 

Following the procurement process, Council will make a final decision on whether to progress with the project. The final decision will also determine the service charges for the affected ratepayers, and the City’s borrowing requirements to fund the projects. 

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