Closure of Mt Claremont Post Office

Published on Thursday, 28 March 2024 at 12:00:57 PM

The City of Nedlands has been notified of the impending closure of the Mt Claremont Licensed Post Office (LPO), located at Mt Claremont Shopping Centre. The closure, scheduled for the 23rd of May 2024, follows the decision of the licensees to accept an offer from Australia Post under the Voluntary License Handback Program.

Expressing her sentiments regarding the closure, Mayor Argyle stated, "We are most saddened to see the Mt Claremont LPO depart. The Post Office is not only a conduit for communicating with others via letter and Parcel Post, but it has also always been a great place to meet people face to face."

Highlighting the significance of community interaction facilitated by the LPO, Mayor Argyle continued, "Chatting with strangers at the LPO is one of the great joys of life. I have always been a big supporter of local life in Mt Claremont, and the LPO is at the centre of this community. Please stay. We need you."

While acknowledging the closure's impact, the City of Nedlands reassures residents that alternative postal service options are available. With 15 alternative outlets within 5km of the closing Mt Claremont LPO, including Claremont North LPO, Claremont Post Shop, and Swanbourne LPO, residents will continue to have access to essential postal services.

To facilitate a smooth transition for the community, Australia Post will notify all Mt Claremont LPO PO Box customers in writing, offering six months of free mail redirection to a nearby Post Office of their choice. Additionally, walk-in customers will be informed of the closure via A3 posters and A4 flyers.

The City of Nedlands extends its gratitude to the Mt Claremont LPO for its service to the community.

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