Dry Appearance of Turfed Areas

Published on Tuesday, 23 April 2024 at 11:34:03 PM

Water Conservation Efforts in Parks

The City of Nedlands, like other Local Government municipalities, irrigates their parks and reserves primarily with groundwater sourced from bores. The amount of water available for use annually is limited to the annual water allocation set by the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER). DWER are responsible for ensuring responsible and sustainable use of this valuable resource. 

Recently, Perth has been experiencing an extended period of reduced rainfall. The City has undertaken active measures to manage our water allocation through what has been an extended hot and dry period. However the City’s remaining groundwater allocation for April continued to rely on a close to average rainfall, and this has not occurred. 

Penalties for exceeding the groundwater allocation can include: fines, prosecution; and cancellation, suspension or amendment of our licence. 

Accordingly, in order to remain within the groundwater allocation limits, the City is now actively reducing the irrigation schedule of the major active parks and significantly reducing or even ceasing watering of passive parks through the remainder of the dry season. Please note that some deterioration in turf condition is inevitable, though recovery will occur as rainfall returns in the coming months. 

This reduction is necessary to ensure that sufficient allocation remains to maintain the active sports grounds. Obviously, we are keen to avoid any need to reduce watering of these active parks, where poor turf condition can result in increased safety concerns. Accordingly, the remaining water allocation will be primarily utilised in these areas. 

The City thanks the community for your understanding in this matter. We also encourage residents, businesses and other organisations to also assist in conserving this valuable resource.  

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