Ensuring safe bulk waste disposal in the City of Nedlands

Published on Friday, 3 November 2023 at 12:39:20 PM

Due to a recent incident on 26 October, the City of Nedlands are experiencing a delay in its bulk waste collection schedule. This delay was prompted by a hazardous chemical exposure incident involving three members of the contracted bulk waste collection team. While this unfortunate event has affected the waste collection schedule for the month of November, it also serves as a stark reminder of the importance of proper waste disposal, particularly when it comes to hazardous materials. 

Hazardous chemical exposure incident 

On 26 October, three members of the contracted bulk waste collection team were hospitalised due to exposure to a hazardous chemical. This incident was a result of the incorrect disposal of a hazardous substance. It highlights the critical need for proper disposal methods for hazardous waste. 

Reminder: proper disposal of hazardous chemicals 

Residents are reminded that the disposal of hazardous chemicals through bulk waste collection or kerbside waste collection services is strictly prohibited. Hazardous chemicals can pose a significant risk to both collection teams and the environment. 

Where to dispose of household hazardous waste 

Household Hazardous Waste should be disposed of through designated facilities. Fortunately, residents in the City of Nedlands area have free access to nine locations within the metropolitan area, where they can safely and responsibly dispose of these materials. One of these locations is the local West Metro Recycling Centre, conveniently situated at the corner of Brockway Road and Lemnos Street, Shenton Park. 

Further information 

To assist residents in understanding what can or cannot be disposed of through bulk waste or kerbside collection, the City of Nedlands encourages everyone to visit www.nedlands.wa.gov.au/waste-and-recycling 

For more in-depth information regarding hazardous waste disposal, residents are advised to explore the state Waste Authority website at www.wasteauthority.wa.gov.au 

As the City of Nedlands addresses the recent incident and ensures the health and safety of its waste collection team, it emphasises the importance of collective responsibility in waste management. Responsible disposal of hazardous materials benefits the entire community and the environment, creating a safer and cleaner City of Nedlands. 

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