Schools Clean Up Day - Dalkeith Primary School

Published on Thursday, 4 April 2024 at 3:13:03 PM

Students from Dalkeith Primary School participated in Schools Clean Up Day on Friday March 8, and made a big impact on the environment. Under the direction of the City, a group of 29 year 6 students, two teachers, and a parent spent the morning picking up rubbish in the Point Resolution parkland and bushland areas.

Their hard work paid off! With the nine bags of general trash and four bags of recyclables they gathered, they were able to stop an estimated 17kg of garbage from entering our waterways and endangering marine life. This initiative goes beyond simply inspiring students to learn about the impact of rubbish on their local environment. It also aims to foster a sense of environmental responsibility and leadership skills in our future generation.

The students at Dalkeith Primary School have shown great dedication and enthusiasm, and we sincerely thank them for their efforts. The City is committed to supporting such initiatives and will be offering other local schools the opportunity to participate in next year's Schools Clean Up Day.

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