Waratah Ave Upgrade Completed

Published on Friday, 9 December 2022 at 8:15:56 AM

The commitment by the City of Nedlands to increase tree canopy cover continues to grow with the completion of the Waratah Avenue road upgrade. Over 15 endemic pink and white flowering Marri trees were planted as part of the project.  The works which were undertaken from July to November 2022 included the installation of the Citygreen ‘Stratavault’ Structural Soil Vault System, a first for the City. Considered internationally as a revolutionary product for urban landscape planning, the ‘Stratavault’ system enables larger trees to be planted in median strips.  

Traditionally trees planted in roadways and footpaths would fail to thrive due to a lack of water or poor soil. The opposite can also occur when older trees disrupt asphalt or footpaths, intruding on underground pipes and cables. The ‘Stratavault’ system solves both issues.

Made from 100% recycled polymers, the system will allow the newly planted trees on Waratah Avenue to flourish. 20 cubic metres of uncompacted, specially constructed organic soil will see the trees grow at four times the normal rate. There will be no disturbance to roadways or footpaths as tree roots are guided to grow in certain directions, avoiding the surrounding infrastructure. The Marri’s will receive water from an irrigation system connected to the pre-existing Genesta Park bore water source.

A spokesperson from the City said ‘Our goal is that the Stratavault system will become standard practice across the City. The long-term benefits include cheaper ongoing maintenance costs and a dramatic increase to tree canopy cover”.

The upgrade to Waratah Avenue also included drainage upgrades to the length of the road, new asphalt, the realignment of parking bays on the south side as well as replacing kerbs and brick paving,  

“Local shops and commercial operations are delighted the works are now complete. Community members and fauna alike are loving the revitalised precinct”

 – Mayor Argyle


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